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Welcome to travelblog.co.za my name is Kevin Banks. Having a keen interest in webpages I have decided to keep a travelblog. No I do not travel every week however I have in the past and feel that people like you and me need to be updated on what is happening in the travel world. The rise and rise of fuel levies, the battering of the rand, these are just a few topics I hope to shed light on and let you in on the inside of travel so that you can have a better understanding of how it works. I been involved in travel with either travelling or selling travel for over 15 years I hope that I can shed some light on what seems an extremely crazy topsy turvey world of travel….

Welcome to my world of a perfect travel holiday, which will help you, to get in touch with the finest possible tourism services ever. My name is Kevin Banks and I have decided to keep up a travel blog for your benefit. It is not at all necessary to roam about every week to write more about new places, and the case is just the same for me, as well. But, in order to help you keep updated with the places you want to visit, a short notice at the travel blog will always be a popular way for planning some special tour. You can avail some additional services from tripadvisor South Africa, as well.

If you would like to read more about me visit my personal blog: www.doris.co.za