October 30, 2013

Why is Getting Sleep on Flight so Difficult?

Since the 1950s the minimum width of an airline passenger seat has been set at 43.18 cm (17 inches). Based on sleep research by Doctor Irshaad […]
October 18, 2013

Some of the Things Your Pilot Won’t Tell You

I’ve been struck by lightning twice. Most pilots have. Airplanes are built to take it. You hear a big boom and see a big flash and […]
October 10, 2013

Two UK airline pilots in Airbus A330 fell asleep in cockpit

TWO pilots in charge of a 325-seat passenger long-haul flight fell asleep in the plane’s cockpit, leaving it on auto-pilot, a report reveals. The pilots admitted their […]
October 10, 2013

The Pilot Fatigue Problem: Causes, Symptoms and Effects of Pilot Fatigue

Pilot fatigue has been a real problem since the beginning of air travel. Charles Lindbergh fought to stay awake on his record-breaking 33.5-hours transatlantic flight from […]
August 30, 2013

Orlando Bloom on tips for avoiding jet lag

Jetting from Cannes to Australia is all in a day’s work for Orlando Bloom. From avoiding the drinks trolley to his favourite hang-outs, the star tells […]
August 8, 2013

Virgin Australia flights delayed after crash of Sabre check-in system

The Sabre reservation system – used by many airlines around the world – crashed around 2pm on 6 August and was restored around 4pm. Travellers on […]
April 19, 2013

Dreamliner: FAA nears decisive step in restoring 787 to flight

 (Reuters) – U.S. regulators are close to approving a key document that could start the process of returning Boeing Co’s grounded 787 Dreamliner to service within weeks, according to […]