December 10, 2014

Changes for South Africa visas in 2015

The following info graphic is a summary of all the changes and requirements regarding South Africa’s Visa Regulations for 2014.
May 2, 2013

Free Dubai visa with Etihad

Complimentary UAE visa when your client fly with us. We’re pleased to announce our free* Tourist visa promotion, available when your customers book an Etihad Airways […]
October 13, 2010

Do I need a visa?

Yup chances are you do. Now in the past few weeks I have been asked many times if in fact I need a visa – the […]
May 6, 2009

Visa needed to transit in Barcelona

News just in: If you transit in Barcelona you need a visa! Here is a sample routing: Effective immediately all South African passport holders transiting in […]
February 9, 2009

UK visa needed for South African’s

Yup it is now official this has been posetd on the UK embassy website: New Visa requirements for South African nationals visiting the UK With […]